Wool | Nermin Peimanović

[Nermin Peimanović & Brent Björkman]

BB: “So, we were talking about things that we remember, things that are touchstones for our lives, and you brought up these, um, I would call them socks, what do you, what is the Bosnian name for them?”

NP: “We, uh, we call them vunene carape which is basically wool socks. And the reason why is because they’re made of sheep wool. And they’re handmade. Actually, my grandma made them for me. Um, a lot of the Bosnian population that didn’t live in the city, lived in villages, that’s what they would do. Um, to keep sheep clean, they would, you know, they would cut off all their wool in the summer months, and actually weave it. And then, uh, usually women would, during the winter months when there’s nothing to do in the fields, make these socks from the wool they had. So, it’s not important but what has been mentioned, they – the reason she got it for me is my feet were always cold. And she told me I had a bad – or low blood circulation and she’s going to fix it. So that’s why she made it for me, and believe me, the first time I wore them, um, I didn’t have cold feet at all. So, it’s, uh, I still wear them from time to time when it’s really cold outside.”