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This exhibit was curated by the Kentucky Folklife Program in partnership with the Bowling Green Bosnia Oral History Project committee, the Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology, and the Kentucky Museum.

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  • Lead curators: Brent Bjӧrkman and Virginia Siegel
  • Kentucky Museum curators: Donna Parker and Sandra Staebell
  • Fabrication: Charles Hurst, Donna Parker, and Jason Sadler
  • Exhibit text by Brent Bjӧrkman, Ann K. Ferrell, Kate Parker Horigan, Nicole Musgrave, and Virginia Siegel. Special assistance from Denis Hodžić, Senida Husić, and Sanida Palavra, as well as from the members of the Bosnia Oral History Project Committee.
  • Translations by Denis Hodžić and Senida Husić
  • Mobile app design by Nicole Musgrave and Virginia Siegel, with help from Claire Casey
  • Oral history transcription by Kaitlyn Berle, Nicole Musgrave, and Ashley Edwards

The Bowling Green Bosnia Project Oral History Project Committee

Brent Bjӧrkman, Ann K. Ferrell, Denis Hodžić, Kate Parker Horigan, Senida Husić, Kenan Mujkanovič, Dijana Muminović, Nicole Musgrave, Mujo Music, Adisa Omerović Avdić, Nermin Peimanović, Amer Salihović, and Virginia Siegel

The Bosnia Project Committee.  Photo by Ann Ferrell.

Special thanks to the following individuals:

  • Imam Sedin Agic
  • Mehmet Alić
  • Kaitlyn Berle
  • Charlotte Brindley
  • Chloe Brown
  • Claire Casey
  • Dr. Jerry Daday
  • Nejra Delic and Family
  • Ena Viteskic Demir
  • Mersiha Demirović
  • Izeta and Gina Dželil
  • Ashley Edwards
  • Dr. Tim Evans
  • Scott French, University Publications
  • Mirnes Hajrić
  • Nic Hartmann
  • Armin Hasanagic
  • Muhamed Hasanović
  • Sadeta Hodžić
  • Azmir Husić
  • Nele Husić
  • Senida Husic and the Husić Family
  • Dženana Kadrić
  • James Kenney
  • Chuck Lauth
  • Bryan Lemon, University Photography
  • Clinton Lewis, University Photography
  • Benjamin Moore, Fontbonne University
  • Cameron Lewis
  • Mirsad Osmanović
  • Sanida Palavra
  • Diane Ramic
  • Muamer Razic
  • Emily Rodriguez
  • Imam Muamer Sljivic
  • Sefika and Izet Varajic

Also thanks to the following institutions and organizations:

  • Behar Cafe
  • BIH Express, Inc.
  • Bosnian Islamic Center
  • Bowling Green Daily News
  • Bowling Green International Festival
  • Islamic Center of Bowling Green
  • Kentucky Oral History Commission
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Taste of Europe
  • WKU Center for Citizenship and Social Justice
  • WKU International Programs

Many thanks to our project and exhibit sponsors too!

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