Commemorating Loss

“We remember so that others can’t forget, and we remember in order to be close to those we love.  As the novelist Milan Kundera put it, ‘The struggle of people against power, is the struggle of memory against forgetting.’ And I would add, remembering is also an act of living and of love.” – Kate Horigan, WKU Folklorist, 2017

In the face of conflict and tragedy, communities find ways to commemorate loss, to remember things like death, disaster, and war.  Although acts of commemoration are about loss, they are also about survival and persistence.

Listen to portions of WKU folklorist Dr. Kate Horigan’s talk at the 2017 Walk to Remember Srebrenica. Click here for the transcription of this audio clip.


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The Siege of Sarajevo and the Sarajevo Rose

Photo by Brent Björkman, 2017

The Srebrenica Genocide and the Srebrenica Flower

Photo by Nicole Musgrave, 2017

The Column and Mehmed Alić’s Story

Photo by Mirnes Hajrić, 2016

Walk to Remember Srebrenica

Photo by Mirnes Hajrić, 2016

Prijedor and Other Sites of Atrocity

Photo from the 2017 Walk to Remember Srebrenica, where many participants wore shirts recognizing sites of atrocities throughout Bosnia.  Photo by Nicole Musgrave, 2017

Featured Image:

Photo by Mirnes Hajrić

The 2016 Walk Remember Srebrenica Genocide in Bowling Green, commemorating the 21st anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide.



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