Art of the Home

“Hospitality is like, it’s something we’re born with . . . that’s the Bosnian way.” – Amer Salihović, 2016

Hospitality and Neighborliness

With hospitality and neighborliness at the heart of Bosnian culture, the best way to experience Bosnian American culture is to visit a home.  A Bosnian American living room today may not look very different from others in South Central Kentucky, but the decorative accents around the home give the space a Bosnian flavor.  But it’s not just tangible items that give a home a Bosnian feel; it’s also the act of inviting neighbors and friends to enjoy each other’s company over food and coffee.

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Bosnian American Foodways

Photo by Virginia Siegel

Ćejf and Bosnian Coffee

Photo by Virginia Siegel

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Photo by Nicole Musgrave



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