Sevdah Music | Mujo Music

[Virginia Siegel & Mujo Music]

Virginia Siegel: “So sevdah singing, let’s start there. Um, tell me about sevdah singing.”

Mujo Music: “Uh, sevdah singing, is um, known to the region. It’s, um, of course, it’s been passed down from generation to generation. Um, it’s probably not something that you would hear you know, if you were to go to a concert in Bosnia. There are, of course with every culture has new music and it and um, time changes throughout centuries, but yeah, that’s very popular in Bosnia. And that’s not something I listen to personally, I’m aware of the music, it doesn’t bother me, but it’s not my favorite or it’s not something I would listen to in my car. But it’s known in Bosnia, like my grandmother, like the music she loves to listen to versus me where I don’t mind it but it isn’t something I would listen to. It’s, um, soothing music. It’s very slow. Kind of relaxes you.”