Sevdah Music | Amer Salihović

Amer Salihović: “Yeah, so when you look at Bosnian music, so my dad likes, this is the best way to describe it, he likes old tunes, something called Sevdalinka. It’s a very laid-back type of music. It’s similar to jazz, in a sense that it’s really slow and rhythmic. So that’s what sevdah is. Sevdalinka/Sevdah. Same thing. Um, very traditional music. And it’s, it’s, it’s historic music, too, because the lyrics actually make sense. You know, there’s effort in them. Um, there’s rhyme, really poetic, really beautiful. Sometimes it tells a love story, sometimes it tells a heroic story, sometimes it tells, um, a national story about people, you know, the Bosnian people. And it’s really beautiful, beautiful music. A lot of Bosnian youth, they don’t find appreciation in it but I love it. Um, and um, so that’s one side. Mainly for the older generation. But it’s bringing a comeback, there’s a comeback of that music.”