Welcome | Denis Hodžić

Denis Hodžić: “To my, in my mind, I am nothing, you know, compared to my mother. She – the stuff that that woman has had to endure, and, and, and has in the face of adversity just you know, knocked it back, uh, she could write a book about it. And, maybe not as non-fiction, like, you know, ‘whose this woman, who would want to read about her?’- but if you turn it into a fiction novel and change a couple things, people could buy it. That’s, that’s how good her story is. That’s her, that’s like how moving her story is. Some, something – of course everybody’s story’s unique. We all have our own individual stories but um, there’s no kind of cookie cutter sob story when it comes to her. It’s, it’s just really unique, which is, I don’t know, why I say my mother is my rock because without her I’d be nothing.”