La Gala | Mersiha Demirović

[Mersiha Demirović & Ann Ferrell]

MD: “So, for example, we have, uh, concerts here quite often. I always just say I’m going to a Bosnian concert. And that’s really all I ever say. And to me, that’s just like, it’s, it’s just a Bosnia thing, I guess. It’s not saying that nobody else is invited, but that’s – it’s really just like a Bosnian concert. It’s difficult to put it into words. But..”

AF: “Because it’s going to be only Bosnians there?”

MD: “Yes. So it’s going to be in a different language and so forth. So actually the last one – there’s quite a few Americans, or non-Bosnian speaking folks who were there. And I was really surprised by that, like, oh my gosh. I feel like I’ve been doing a disfavor to all my friends and they always complain about that. They’re like, what’s the person’s name, whose the singer, you know, and stuff – what kind of music do they listen to? So I’ve been trying to be more informative about that rather than just being vague and saying it’s a Bosnian singer or so.”

AF: “So you wouldn’t say the name?”

MD: “No. Right, right, right.”