Husić Family

The Husić Family siblings were all born in Bosnia before their family moved to Bowling Green in the fall of 1998.  Each of the five siblings graduated from Warren Central High School but are now pursuing diverse career paths.  All, though, attribute their drive to the desire to make and shape a better world for others.

Senida Husic

Senida Husić, the eldest of five, has always found herself in leadership and mentoring roles.  Even at the age of 12, shortly after her family sought refuge in the United States, Senida took it upon herself to take care of her siblings while their parents worked third shift to provide financial support for the family.   In college, Senida was involved in peer leadership roles and studied abroad for a semester in the United Arab Emirates as a recipient of the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. Senida graduated from WKU’s Honors College in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in medicine.  After graduation, Senida found her leadership and mentorship skills were well suited for a career in business management and development. She currently serves as the Financial Adviser for a local logistics company in Bowling Green and is the owner and founder of Style & Heart, an online women’s boutique she established in 2015.  She’s an activist and has served on committees and working groups for multiple events in Bowling Green such as Walk for Srebrenica Genocide, Bowling Green for Bosnia Flood Disaster Relief, Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks’s Susret Bosnjaka, Grand Opening of the Islamic Center of Bowling Green and Bosnian Islamic Center of Bowling Green, among others.

Sabina Husic

Sabina Husić is the second oldest, and like her sister Senida, is a graduate of WKU and recipient of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship.  Sabina holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business and Marketing from WKU and a Bachelor in International Business Management from École Supérieure de Commerce Saint Etienne (France).  She also holds a Master of Arts in Criminology from WKU, earning her the 2016 award for Outstanding Graduate Student in Criminology.  Notably, in 2015 Sabina interned in Media and Communications for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, a United Nations court of law located in the Netherlands that was established in 1993 to handle war crimes that took place during the conflicts in the Balkans in the 1990’s.  Sabina aims for a career in International Human Rights with a plan to start her own nonprofit to help provide higher education to refugees and children in underdeveloped nations. She writes,

“I feel that it is my duty, given the opportunities I have received in America, to ensure that others like my family and myself also have the same chance at a better life and the American dream.”

Adina Husic 1
Husić graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education from WKU in 2012.  Shortly after graduating, Adina participated in a summer teaching program in Turkey and Sweden through the Federation of Balkan American Association.  This led to an offer to teach in Turkey for a year.  Currently, Adina works for The Medical Center at Bowling Green as the Medical Education Coordinator.  As part of her duties, she is working on the establishment, integration, and successful launch of the UK School of Medicine-Bowling Green Campus.  In addition to working, Adina is pursuing a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership through WKU.

Admin Husic

Admin Husić resides in Lexington, Kentucky, where he is pursuing a PhD in Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky.  Admin was very involved in high school, competing on the varsity soccer team, academic team, and in the physics club.  As a student at UK, he is equally engaged in student organizations, from competing as part of the UK Cycling Team to serving as the president of the American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter at UK, to which he attributes the development of his leadership skills.  It was the opportunity to  assist in a professor’s lab as an undergraduate student in Civil Engineering that encouraged Admin to continue his graduate studies at UK.  Now in the fourth year of his graduate studies, Admin’s work focuses on contaminant transport in subsurface streams, and he has published research in the Journal of Hydrology.

Emina Husic

Emina Husić is the youngest of her siblings and a graduate of the Lindsey Institute of Cosmetology in Bowling Green.  Emina attended WKU for two years as a dental hygiene major before she decided to pursue a career in cosmetology.  With an eye for both style and business, Emina currently works as a hair stylist at Cowan & Co. Hair Studio in Glasgow, Kentucky, as well as a business manager for Clinique in Bowling Green.  Emina attributes her passion for the art of hair styling to the cultural experiences and diversity she has experienced in her world travels.  Thriving in the fast-paced and ever-changing field of cosmetology, Emina continually hones her skills as a beautician and businesswoman to insure her clients feel comfortable and happy in their skin and can truly express themselves.  She hopes to eventually open her own all-inclusive salon and spa that fosters a space for relaxation, self-love, and self-empowerment.