Dino Merlin | Mujo Music

[Mujo Music & Virginia Siegel]

Virginia Siegel: “So what music do you like to listen to? I’m just curious because you talk about having a foot in both worlds..”

Mujo Music: “Right, well I enjoy listening to Bosnian music. Um, I love Bosnian music. More of, um, the recent singers from the ‘90s and the 2000s. I’m more of a techno person. I also listen to American music. I listen to rap, and R&B, hip-hop, stuff like that. I go back and forth, but a majority of the music I listen to Bosnian.”

VS: “Um, who are some artists. Um, We talked, I think it was Denis and Armin, about Dino Merlin”

MM: “Dino Merlin?”

VS: “Yes”

MM: “Yeah, he’s also a popular singer known in Bosnia. His songs are, um, how do I want to say this? Not techno, but, um, not sevdah. Somewhere in between. He’s popular. A lot of young people from Bosnia like to listen to him. Like I said, more so than a sixty-year-old or seventy-year-old would listen to. I like him. I like also other Bosnian singers.”