Dino Merlin | Amer Salihović

[Amer Salihović & Virginia Siegel]

Amer Salihović: “Any famous, um, um, rock persona in the U.S. has done, there’s a Bosnian version.”

Virginia Siegel: “Really?”

AS: “I swear, you should hear, um – maybe I’ll play this after the interview – So there’s a Michael Jackson song. Um, they don’t really care about us, or something, [hums a melody]

VS: “I think I know what you’re talking about but I can’t remember..”

AS: “Yeah? Yeah. I can show you that. It’s really funny. And it was about, um, I think it was about, uh, um, the children in Africa right? Or something like that. Well Dino Merlin, which is a guy we mention in one of our sessions here, is the most famous Balkan – he’s not just the most famous Bosnian musician, but the most famous musician in that region. Um, he wrote a song during the war with the same tune and same melody, he literally just ripped off Michael Jackson. But we don’t care. We’re in the middle of a war zone, so like we don’t care. What are you going to do, call the copyright people up? I’m sure, like, go for it. See how that goes. He wrote a song, you know, about the world not really caring about us. You know. And just about the Bosnian war and it was more of a like, a motivational thing for the people, you know, to, to, to lift their um, to boost their morale and get them aroused to defend their country. So it was like one of the main punchlines in the song is, uh, ‘Where were you when Bosnia needed you the most?’ So, even like thorugh music during the war, it was a huge thing. And the same artist, he wrote a song about Alija Izetbegović which was the first Bosnian President. He wrote a song about him after he died.”