Cevapi | Mersiha Demirović

[Mersiha Demirović and Ann Ferrell]

Mersiha Demirović: “Uh, I think, yeah, it’s very, very important for us to have, like – for example, when Wal-Mart started carrying Bosnian groceries, that was huge. Like, I cannot tell you how many phone calls went between my dad and everybody else around the city and even around the state because it was such a big deal. You know, we have Bosnian grocery stores here. It still – It provides that, I guess, little bit of Bosnia with you still.”

Ann Ferrell: “And then, it was Wal-Mart..is that..”

Mersiha Demirović: “It’s cheaper so.. [laughs] Yeah, so those things. Food is definitely, definitely very, very important. I think something about it, if you will, does remind you of Bosnia because you can’t go to Cheddar’s and order ćevapi, but you can do it, you know, at the Mediterranean food store or someone else. So you feel like you’re not sacrificing a certain preference of things.”