The Bosnian Home (Clip 3)

[Brent Björkman, Senida Husić, & Amer Salihović]

Brent Björkman: “You talked about apples and things, is there, um, things for making juice or things for making liquor”

Amer Salihović: “Yeah, I mean, yeah marmalade that was huge back in – marmelada”

Senida Husić: “Jam”

AS: “Jam, all that stuff. Um, cherries. Honestly like, like when I recall my childhood, outside of marmalade, that’s just that one thing but usually fruit trees are just there for fruit.”

SH: “Just to eat. I mean, yeah, it just depends. My parents, or my mom especially, you know, she like right now we bought the new house she wants to put some fruit trees around the house and I was like mom why don’t you get this pretty flowering tree and she’s like I don’t want to get just a pretty flowering tree, I want something that is going to have some use and not just aesthetics so you know that’s what people, that’s kind of the mindset of the people I have surrounded myself with, my family and friends from back home and even here like they want something that’s actually going to, you know, do something. Like a magnolia tree is pretty and everything but its large and it doesn’t really give you anything besides shade and you know, being pretty look at. But when they have plums back home in Bosnia before the war and even after the war like my family, part of my family drinks so they make moonshine. That was really big. And from plums you can also make jam. Um, and those are and you know dry the plums and stuff them and make delicious treats during the winter-time. And then like apples, we used apples for – you can make apple cider. Uh, we make apple syrup almost and I don’t know if that is something you guys in the states have but like I remember specifically. So, we built a machine. It’s so funny, but you have a giant bucket that you built out of wood and you’ll put your apples in there. And then from there you’ll have a little, like a pipe that feeds it to another big bucket. And so, you create this, almost like a pulley thing built out of wood and you’ll put your apples in there. And then from there you’ll have almost like a pipe that feeds it to another big bucket. And so you create this, almost like a pulley thing where it’s like somebody stands on one side and then on the opposite side it’s hitting the bucket and crushing these apples and this like oozing and then you get this liquid – the juice – and then you have to boil that, and you boil it to like a syrup consistency and we use that syrup to, a couple things we use it for is you can cook with it and it create like delicious cakes and treats but also, you just use a little bit that and a little bit of sour cream and you mix it and you like um, dip your bread into it and it’s so delicious. I just think about it, and it’s so delicious. But like and other stuff, I mean we had pears and grapes. We never really made wine out of grapes, my family never did but, um, we had grapes and then um, cherries like you mentioned and then I’m trying to think of what other fruit trees we had, that people that always wanted to have. But I think those were probably like the most, the main that people, you know, that surrounded my little circle, that they always planted and made sure they had.”