The Bosnian Home (Clip 1)

[Senida Husić & Amer Salihović]

Senida Husić: “Yeah, I mean, like you said, if we see a fruit tree and, you know, I think most Bosnians that are I would say right now age 25 and older can tell the difference between an apple tree and a pear tree. Like there are very significant differences so if you see one of those, you’re like ‘uh,’ potentially. And then a lot of flowers, that are like colorful and maybe not necessarily in the same section of the color wheel, it’s potential[ly] a Bosnian house. If you see shoes in front of the house, it’s definitely a Bosnian house. But also if you see it looks very clean, but it doesn’t look like it’s home-y, like, I don’t know how to like, maybe it’s pots of flowers or this and that.. That kind of shows you, it’s not, you know how you walk into a hotel and you know it’s a hotel. It’s not, it’s great but it kind of feels a little cold but then when you walk into someone’s apartment and it can be ever nicer but there’s a different feel. Like I feel like sometimes when I drive by a neighborhood, I can tell. But also, the cars. If you see a European car

Amer Salihović: “that’s Bosnian”

SH: “It’s likely.. A Jetta. If you see a Jetta”

AS: “It’s funny that you mention that

SH: “I feel like there is maybe other subconscious things that kind of give it off. Like, one thing I just remembered now is like drapes. The type of drapes that are used. Um, I mean, I don’t know it’s just.. And then, Bosnian people, like you mentioned are, a lot of activity outside. There will be a lot of people outside. Maybe they’re sitting on the front porch,”

AS: “Yeah, just chilling.”

SH: “Or maybe they’re sitting outside or their garage is like a little bit open because they want that ventilation, like, they don’t want the air to be stuffy. Maybe their door is open. My parents always, in the old house, always use to keep our doors open because we were facing like the west so, you know, for a long time during the day, or even if they have a screen door, they’ll keep the screen door closed but the main door open if it’s not really hot. It’s the small little things like that that give you an inside, oh you know, this could be it.”