Bosnian Foodways Clip | Rolling Pin

[Nicole Musgrave & Senida Husić]

Nicole Musgrave: “I know um, Senida that you talked about the rolling pin”

Senida Husić: “Yes, or just a rolling pin. First we didn’t know to make pita.. oklagija.. So yeah like when we first moved into apartments I don’t know if I told you guys but we lived here where this parking lot is now. There was an actual like parking complex almost like a u-shaped and that’s where we lived and the first oh I would say few weeks we didn’t go anywhere and like they would come and get us and take us to the grocery store. And actually, the family that brought us to our apartment, they came to Nashville and picked us up in the van, and brought us all in. they were super sweet and filled up our kitchen and our fridge with some food and I’ll never forget this but I just I could not eat the bread. It was sliced bread. Now I love just a loaf of sliced bread, like white bread but then there was its just a huge culture shock like. The bread first of all felt funny, looked funny, smelled funny, and tasted funny to me because it was just like so different than what I was used to. I remember that we couldn’t – my mom asked where can I get some flour and something so I can mix my dough in and something that I can cook it in. I just need that because my children are going to starve they don’t want to eat this stuff. And it was like the bread was sweet and so mushy. Again, I am used to it now and I eat you know sandwiches all the time but at that time it was just a huge culture shock. And then so then first you start out with the basics of making bread that’s super easy you just need a couple things to make it happen but then like you want to make pita you need more things. You need first of all oklagija and then you also need to roll it out in and so finding the oklagija like I honestly I think my mom used um, a glass to, to roll it out and then they go to the store and all they can find are the short ones that most people use now for like biscuits and things like that so it wasn’t big enough so we ended up I think my mom, I don’t know where she got it and we still have it but it was a curtain rod, a metal curtain rod. No, it was a wooden curtain rod but it had like little metal piece and this is probably like from the ‘60s, something pretty old. Um, and it has two little metal pieces at the end where it fit into something so yeah, we still have that and we still use that. Like that’s what and I don’t know I would say that it’s about 4 feet long and that’s what we use. Now like that Bosnians have been in the states for a while people have actually either I don’t know if they have imported some from Bosnia or if they just made it here but you can go to Bosnian stores and purchase this. I know St. Louis has a lot of Bosnians and Bosnian stores, but this one this one has history with us and it works so we just still use it to this day. But yeah, the rolling pin curtain, curtain rod.”