Bosnian Foodways

[Senida Husić & Amer Salihović]

Amer Salihović: “Luckily you know carbs are number one on our diet.”

Senida Husić: “Yes tell me about that. Yeah if we don’t have bread at home, we’re doing something wrong and we’re all starving. You have to have bread, there’s always bread. Like bread is the.. it’s so funny. You make bread and then you think about what you are going to serve with bread. Like that’s the mentality of the Bosnian people. And maybe not all Bosnian people but again – I’m talking about people I’ve met that I have surrounded myself with. You have bread so you know it’s about to be dinnertime and you don’t have bread you make bread and then you think ‘do I want beans with this bread or do I want something with potatoes with this bread, or do I want cevapi with this like what do I want with this bread? Or do I want pita? Which is half bread.”