Dance (Clip 3) | Sanida Palavra

[Sanida Palavra & Nicole Musgrave]

Nicole Musgrave: “So, how did you how did you get your outfit like or did they provide or it did you go buy it or?”

Sanida Palavra: “Um, yeah we would buy it. Yeah, we would buy separately, um, some, uh, folklore provide it and some you buy separately so if just depends on which, um, group and depends on the school and depends on where you are but, yeah.”

NM: “Where would you buy your folklore outfit?”

SP: ”Um, we there was usually people that make it, um, specific people for that, um, I ended up getting mine from, uh, this, um, guy that made, um, these for museums, um, um, so he ended up making mine and it was a very good quality one I really like it um, but, um, there are people that um, that makes those and um, it’s not really too difficult, um, a lot of, uh, older generations um, knew how to make it themselves, um, but yeah.”

NM: “Do you remember what yours looked like?”

SP: “Yes it was a red, um, skirt, um, and there was, um, a red vest and uh blouse was cream colored yeah and um, the fez was also like the cap thing that goes underneath the scarf was red and then I had a white um, scarf with um, flowers um, on it.”

NM: “And what shoes did you wear?”

SP: “Um, I wore I believe we wore just the ballet flats uh because they were just convenient and easy to so we didn’t uh wear the traditional um, kind um, cause it was just easier in ballet flats um, but yeah.”