Dance (Clip 2) | Sanida Palavra

[Sanida Palavra & Nicole Musgrave]

Nicole Musgrave: “So, um, so you brought your folklore outfits with you?

Sanida Palavra: “Yes, yeah, and actually we had a folklore group here in the past um, I don’t believe there is one here today but in the past, we had some and we danced here too so that’s why I brought it with me because my dad told me about it so, um, so yeah.”

NM: “So, what was it like, um, dancing in Bowling Green?”

SP: “It was, um, it was a little, um, it was not too different we had practices that were similar to um, when I was in Bosnia, um, I feel like um, my instructor in Bosnia is a little more strict but, um, I think here um, people were even more excited about it because when you’re in a different country in a different culture you know it’s nice to have that piece of tradition and to preserve, you know, your origins and it was, um, good for the kids that were involved in it because they got to learn more about where they came from because most of them came here when they were babies or you know, were born here so in terms of that it was more fun here because everyone’s more excited to learn even more about the tradition behind it and to learn these dances.”