Bosnian Coffee | Baking Coffee Beans

[Kate Horigan & Senida Husić]

Kate Horigan: “-um, one thing you had mentioned, and I love this detail, is that your mom baked coffee beans. [laughs]”

Senida Husić: “Oh yes, yeah, it’s a, it’s a fairly um traditional thing to do in Bosnia, especially in the villages, um, because people don’t have access to stores as frequently as people in the cities would. So what they would buy is like raw coffee beans and then they would bake them, um just like, you know, the stores in the, in the city would. But it was just the process of doing it, and knowing how to do it right, it was, I guess it is a skill that women attained over the time.”

KH: “And is that something that your mom has taught you how to do?”

SH: “Um, it- we did it um back in Bosnia, but when we moved to the States we really didn’t because it’s so hard, in the States, to find coffee that’s not already baked. [laughs] It is just, there’s no, you know, there’s no need for it. And another thing is um, in Bosnia there’s this really neat machine apparatus that grinds your coffee, and you know, you would always have fresh ground coffee when somebody comes over, and that’s just, it’s just an aroma that you can’t replicate, you know? I mean there’s really good quality coffee, but it’s not ground at that very moment when you are about to make some coffee, so. And we actually brought a couple of those um here to the States, just to have as, you know like little um, I don’t know, sentimental things that kind of tie us back to our heritage.”